Wholesale Turf Products

Before you start cultivating a new garden or planting a vast field of crop, it is important to begin with healthy organic soil and approach your plant maintenance with a goal in mind. While this may seem like an easy task, maintaining organic, mineral-rich soil can be a challenge. Organic soil is vital to sprouting delicious vegetables, fresh flowers, beautiful lawns and other plants. Your soil is what gives all your plants life.

Often, we at Island Bio-Greens particularly on the local level, assist estate managers, homeowners, organic farmers and vineyards with consulting services. Typically soil testing, site and environmental issues as well as climate, irrigation and fertility scenarios are discussed and addressed. This is an important service and often eliminates or saves on fertility and other costs over time.

Healthy soil means maintaining a proper soil pH balance. Your soil must have the right amount of liquid fulvic and humic acid, as well as alkaline, in order to produce a quality crop. When you hire our fertilizer experts, we can help by providing the nutrients that your soil may be lacking. Your plants require these chelated minerals by improving the way they absorb nutrients and the structure of your soil so that it holds more oxygen and moisture, which your plants need to thrive. The beneficial microbes you will be supplying to your plants will stimulate excellent health and growth for years to come.

If you are interested in our soil amendments and wholesale turf products that will improve your soil structure and increase organic content, call Island Bio-Greens in Remsenburg-Speonk, NY to hear more about how we can help.