​Soil Testing

Island Bio-Greens conducts extensive soil testing as part of the consultation process for many of our clients.

Soil, plant and water analysis are vital monitoring tools that can impact your crop management program. With the information you gain from a laboratory test, you can evaluate overall fertility and troubleshoot specific problem areas. In addition, testing and analysis reports can help you judge the overall effectiveness of your current applications and determine the right adjustments for optimum health of your crop.

AgSourceLabs in Lincoln, NE has long been a trusted laboratory of IBG. Chose the test packages below for your fields and properties that best suits your macro or micro management objectives. Fertility guidelines for specific crops & turn are offered as well.

If you are interested in our soil testing, foliar nutrients, corn gluten meal and other products, call Island Bio-Greens in Remsenburg-Speonk, NY. We provide excellent wholesale agricultural products, such as organic fertilizer.